Moroccans youth stage more pro-democracy demonstrations

RABAT- Moroccan police on Sunday used clubs to disperse young demonstrators calling for political reform in several cities.
Demonstrators who took to the streets in Rabat, Casablanca, Tangiers and Agadir were part of the February 20 Movement that has repeatedly called for King Mohammed VI's powers to be curbed.

The group, inspired by the pro-democracy protests in the Arab world, takes its name from the date of its first demonstration and has faced tough resistance from the state security forces.
"We dispersed in three groups. The police followed us through the lanes of (the old quarter) of Rabat," Najib Chawki said.
"At least three people were clubbed by police," he added.
A protester told AFP that more than a thousand young people demonstrated in a popular section of Casablanca.
"Suddenly, the security forces came out and we were dispersed by force," Ahmed Mediany said.
Sunday marked the fourth time leaders of the February 20 Movement called for peaceful demonstrations, which in March prompted the king to announce plans for constitutional reform.
An official commission is expected to present proposals for reform next month. The king has pledged to create a clearer separation of powers and to reinforce the prime minister's authority.

Monday, May 23rd 2011

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