Nadal accepts Grand Slams off-limits but backs a return to training

Barcelona (dpa) - Rafael Nadal has clarified his position on the lockdown in tennis through the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking on an Instagram live chat with Roger Federer a week ago Nadal had said: "I do not really understand why we can't play tennis, especially because of the type of sport it is."

But speaking to Spain's sports media on Monday as part of the launch of a new campaign to raise money to fight the virus, Nadal said: "I think one thing is the training and another thing is the competing.
"With tennis I don't see a problem with training with another professional although it's not the priority for anyone at the moment.
"But competing is a lot more difficult. I wish we could compete even without spectators.
"But we have to be responsible and coherent. I don't see how we can travel to a different country every week.
"Our sport is very different to golf where there is a lot more space.
"And to hold a Grand Slam tournament there are 128 men and 128 women players, as well as all the members of each player's team."
"Even without spectators there would be a lot of [physical] contact."
Repeating his feeling that training should be allowed he said: "When it comes to training I think they should differentiate between sports."
Nadal has teamed up with Spanish basketball legend Pau Gasol and other leading figures in Spanish sport to raise funds for the Red Cross.

Monday, April 27th 2020

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