Netanyahu and Putin to meet in first since downing of Russian plane

TEL AVIV (dpa)- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss military coordination in the first such meeting since Russia blamed Israel for the downing of a Russian plane in Syria last month.
"A short time ago I spoke with President Putin. We agreed to meet soon in order to continue the important inter-military security coordination," the prime minister said at the start of his weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

"Israel will act at all times to prevent Iran from establishing a military presence in Syria and to thwart the transfer of lethal weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon," he added.
Moscow's military blamed Israel for what they said was "either lack of professionalism or criminal negligence" causing Syrian air defences to mistakenly shoot down the Russian aircraft while attempting to target Israeli jets.
After the incident, which killed 15 Russian military personnel, Moscow transferred its advanced S-300 air defence system to Damascus despite Israeli objections.
Israel routinely conducts bombing raids in Syria against what Israel says are Iranian or Iranian-affiliated targets or weapons transfers to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

Sunday, October 7th 2018

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