Obama all out for Iran deal this week

President Obama is hoping to make a historic mark like Nixon’s visit to China (Mark Humphrey)

BARACK OBAMA will “go for broke” to secure a historic nuclear deal with Iran this week, despite fears that the resultant lifting of sanctions on Tehran could lead to a surge in its support for terrorism throughout the Middle East.
Both present and former American officials describe Obama as being obsessed with carving his mark on history by restoring diplomatic relations with Iran after decades of animosity and possibly even visiting Tehran next year.
“Obama wants this as the centrepiece of his legacy, and he believes a peaceful Iran could be a bulwark against Isis in the Middle East and the key to peace there,” said an American diplomat involved in the negotiations, which face a deadline for agreement on Tuesday.
However, opponents of the deal being hammered out in Vienna believe that lifting severe sanctions and giving Iran access to blocked assets of $150bn (£96bn) will allow Tehran to
The Sunday times

Sunday, July 5th 2015
Toby Harnden, Washington

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