Obama expresses frustration on healthcare reform

WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama on Tuesday expressed rare frustration at the resistance he is facing in his efforts to overhaul the US healthcare system.
"Sometimes I get a little frustrated because this is one of those situations where it's so obvious that the system we have isn't working well for too many people, and that we could be doing better," he said.
Obama made the comments as his healthcare reform legislation faces tough hurdles in Congress, where it is opposed by many Republicans, but must also overcome divisions among his own Democratic party.

Obama expresses frustration on healthcare reform
Obama was taking part in another public meeting, this time by teleconference, to explain the need for and the advantages of his reforms, and to dispel public fears about the cost and nature of the program, which have been seized upon by its congressional opponents.
He said he was confident that he would succeed in reforming the US healthcare system, which is the world's most expensive, adding that he has already come closer to doing so than any previous administration.
But he also appeared to challenge lawmakers to stop holding up healthcare reform in a country where 47 million people do not have medical coverage.
"Frankly, if we do this right, then all we're actually doing is giving the American people the same option that members of Congress have, because they've got a pretty good deal right now," Obama said.
"They have a bunch of options and different plans to select from. So if they've got a good deal, why shouldn't you?"

Thursday, July 30th 2009

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