Palestinians back rocket fire, UN bid: poll

JERUSALEM- Most Palestinians support both rocket fire into Israel and their people's enhanced UN status while still viewing peaceful negotiation as the best way to achieve statehood, a poll showed on Thursday.
The survey, carried out by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre, found a sharp increase in the number of Palestinians who said rocket fire from Gaza into Israel would "help" the Palestinians, in the wake of a November conflict between Israel and Gaza militant groups.

The poll said 74 percent of respondents said the rockets would help "with regards to the Palestinian goals," up from 25.4 percent in an April poll.
The percentage of Palestinians in favour of "the resumption of military operations against Israeli targets" also rose from 29.3 percent in January 2011 to 50.9 percent, the group said.
But peaceful negotiations were still rated the best way to achieve statehood by 40 percent of participants, with "armed resistance" garnering support from 32.6 percent and "non-violent resistance" 21.9 percent.
The survey also showed broad support for Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas's successful bid for upgraded Palestinian status at the United Nations last month.
The bid was backed by 74.9 percent, who dubbed it a "a good step that serves Palestinian national interests," with 74.6 percent saying they were satisfied with their leadership's decision to take the step.
The poll was conducted after the end of an eight-day conflict last month during which Israel launched hundreds of air strikes in Gaza and militants fired hundreds of rockets into the Jewish state.
The violence left around 170 Palestinians dead, more than half of them civilians, along with six Israelis, four civilians and two soldiers.

Thursday, December 20th 2012

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