Paris police arrest 24 in connection with Yellow Vest protests

Paris - Twenty-four arrests have been made in Paris linked to new protests by the so-called "Yellow Vest" movement.

Those involved had carried an illegal weapon or formed a group that possibly planned to commit acts of violence, a police spokeswoman told dpa on Saturday.
In Paris and further afield in France the Yellow Vest protesters are to demonstrate once again on Saturday for the ninth weekend in a row.
The Yellow Vest protests have gripped France since mid-November, with demonstrators frequently involved in clashes with police.
By Christmas, it seemed support for the movement was dwindling, but with the turn of the new year, the number of protesters picked up again.
Last Saturday saw renewed violence in Paris, with protester numbers reaching 50,000, according to official estimates.
The largely leaderless movement originally called for a fuel tax to be scrapped, but some protesters have also called for French President Emmanuel Macron to be removed from office, among other measures.
Macron has announced a costly package of tax and pay measures in the meantime to address protesters' grievances, but the demonstrations continue around the country. They have even spread to other nations.
Observers are now watching closely to see whether this weekend's protests indicate a return in momentum.
As well is in Paris, larger protests are anticipated in the city of Bourges in central France. Some 80,000 security officials are to be deployed throughout the country, including 5,000 in Paris.

Saturday, January 12th 2019

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