Pope a fan of sports -- but not doping athletes

VATICAN CITY- Pope Benedict XVI spoke out against drug-taking in sport on Saturday.
The pope said the Catholic Church believed sport could be a force for good, particularly among young people, but warned against harmful aspects such as doping.

Pope a fan of sports -- but not doping athletes
"Sport has great educational potential, especially for the young ... and when it is practised with enthusiasm and a strong ethical aspect it becomes the place for healthy competition and physical improvement, a training ground for spiritual values, a means of personal growth," he said.
The church should support sport's positive aspects, the pope said, particularly its capacity to spur young people to courage, competition and tenacity in pursuit of their ambitions.
Speaking to participants of a seminar on sport, education and faith, the pope stressed the importance of "avoiding the temptation to change the nature of sport by turning to practices which damage the body, such as doping."

Sunday, November 8th 2009

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