Pope hails sports in meeting swimming champions

CASTEL GANDOLFO- Pope Benedict XVI met Saturday with competitors from the world swimming championships in Rome as he hailed the contributions of sports to everyday life.
The pontiff, whose right hand has been in a cast since he fell two weeks ago, extended his other hand to every athlete as he met them at his summer home in Castel Gandolfo near the Italian capital.

Pope hails sports in meeting swimming champions
"Practiced with passion and careful respect for ethics, sport... becomes a lesson in healthy competition and physical improvement and a training ground for human and spiritual values," Benedict said.
"Dear athletes, you are models for people of your age and your example can be decisive for them to build their future positively," the pope told the group.
Hailing its "universal language," Benedict said sports "contribute to the construction of a more brotherly and united world."

Saturday, August 1st 2009

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