Radiohead ditch 'pay what you want' for new album

LONDON- British rock group Radiohead said Monday they will release a new album online this week -- but abandoned the experiment they made with their last record when they let fans decide the price.
In a surprise announcement on their website, the band said "The King of Limbs", their eighth album, could be downloaded for £6 ($9, 7 euros) from Saturday.

Radiohead ditch 'pay what you want' for new album
In October 2007 Radiohead caused a major stir in the music industry when they parted company with EMI's Parlophone label and told listeners they could pay whatever they wanted to download their album "In Rainbows".
At the time the website said "It's up to you" in place of a price.
A survey soon afterwards showed that about a third of people paid nothing for the downloaded album, with the average price being four pounds.
Some industry figures criticised the alternative rockers, saying the precedent of allowing fans to pay what they wanted could be dangerous for artists trying to protect their interests at a difficult time.
The five-piece band formed in Oxford, central England, in the 1980s and reached global stardom with hit albums "The Bends", "OK Computer" and "Kid A", featuring gloomy, atmospheric sounds and lead singer Thom Yorke's high-pitched voice.
"The King of Limbs" will also be available on vinyl and CD from May 9 via the XL independent record label, in a special "newspaper album" edition featuring more than 600 pieces of artwork.
Nigel Godrich, who began a long association with the band from 1997's "OK Computer" onwards, will once again be producer.
The name of the new album relates to a gnarled oak tree in Savernake Forest in southwest England, thought to be around 1,000 years old.
The forest is near Tottenham House, a listed country house where Radiohead recorded "In Rainbows".

Monday, February 14th 2011

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