Raul : Women's position in Cuban politics a 'disgrace'

President Raul Castro on Sunday called it a "disgrace" that Cuban women's representation in political life was not as significant at the "decision-making" level as it should be.
"It is a disgrace after 50 years of the Revolution, with all that we have advanced in some areas, that there are only a few women leaders in different areas," said Castro, 77, at the helm of the Americas' lone communist government.

 Raul : Women's position in Cuban politics a 'disgrace'
His remarks were made at a Convention of the Federation of Cuban Women, also marking International Women's Day.
Raul Castro said he had instructed Vice President Jose Ramon Machado and the Communist Party to fight for women to be in "their rightful decision-making places in all of the country's political, economic and social life."
In Caracas, meanwhile, Cuba's key ally President Hugo Chavez announced he would be upgrading the Women's Affairs Ministry to a stronger role in his self-styled socialist revolution. The new entity will be called the Ministry of People's Power for Women and Gender Equality, Chavez said.

Monday, March 9th 2009

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