Report: More CIA agents to Afghanistan to hunt and kill Taliban

Kabul - The CIA is expanding its covert operations in Afghanistan in order to kill more Taliban militants across the country, the New York Times reported Sunday.

The tactic will involve sending small teams of experienced officers and contractors alongside Afghan forces to pursue the militants, the newspaper claimed, citing two unnamed "senior American officials." 
It marks a change of focus for the US agency in the country, as it previously concentrated on defeating the al-Qaeda terrorist network and helping the country's intelligence services.
The new efforts - which are reportedly set to be managed by CIA paramilitary officers from the agency's Special Activities Division - will be led by small units known as counterterrorism pursuit teams.
The CIA declined to comment to the newspaper on its expanded role in Afghanistan.
Introducing his new Afganistan strategy in August, US President Donald Trump announced he would be sending more troops to the war-torn country and loosening battlefield restrictions.
The US airforce has already significantly ramped up its air strikes on the Taliban. According to a recent US Air Force report, September was a record month in terms of munitions dropped.
Last week, the Taliban reacted with a series of offensives and attacks on security installations and district centres killing more than 200 civilians, soldiers and police.
In an article published on the terrorist organization's website, Shahamat, they have also announced more "revenge acts."

Monday, October 23rd 2017

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