Revamped Robbie Williams to entertain Aussie awards

SYDNEY - British pop star Robbie Williams will perform at Australia's ARIA music awards in November as he launches a comeback after three years out of the spotlight, organisers said Monday.
The former Take That singer will perform his new single "Bodies" at the Sydney ceremony in a promotion for the album "Reality Killed the Video Star", hoping to revive a career that saw him sell 55 million records worldwide.

Revamped Robbie Williams to entertain Aussie awards
He has described the new release as a turning point in his career after 2006's "Rudebox" flopped.
After that, the British singer spent time in California, grew a bushy beard and reportedly pursued an interest in unidentified flying objects.
He said earlier this month that he had a fear of performing live.
"I get tremendous stage fright that's getting in the way of me enjoying it. Awful, awful. Growing more and more as I get older... it's terrifying. I want to find a way around it. I will do," he told BBC radio.

Tuesday, September 8th 2009

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