Right-wing groups can stage concert, German court rules

BERLIN, Janne Kieselbach and Nada Weigelt (dpa)- A right-wing concert starting Friday and given the green light to be held less than 24 hours before its start has been relocated hours before it was due to begin.
The Friday-Saturday concert, expected to be attended by thousands of Neo-Nazis, is seen as a replacement for an event that was cancelled earlier by authorities.

Right-wing groups got permission to stage the concert when a high court ruled upheld a lower court decision overnight into Friday, brushing away objections by local government officials.
The high court said it reached its decision because it was impossible to check safety concerns raised by the groups objecting. It reprimanded the authorities for waiting too late to file their complaints.
The decision cannot be appealed.
The court also ruled that alcoholic beverages can be sold at the show, but said music must end by 10:30 pm (2030 GMT) both nights.
Organizers of the new concert, which will take place in the town of Apolda, had to overcome a dozen similar objections to the plans for this concert.
On Friday the location of the concert was moved from the small town of Magdala in the central state of Thuringia to Apolda, some 15 kilometres away.
The location change was ordered by a court in the city of Weimar who barred the organizers from using the access roads at the Magdala site.
Whether the concert will be able to go ahead with its full programme was unclear.

Saturday, October 6th 2018
Janne Kieselbach and Nada Weigelt (dpa)

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