Saudi tourist drowns in Nile River in Uganda after taking selfie

Kampala - The body of a tourist from Saudi Arabia who drowned in the River Nile in Uganda after falling in while taking a selfie has been retrieved, police said on Wednesday.

The man fell into the river while taking pictures at the Kalagala Falls on Saturday, and his body was found downstream by a fisherman on Tuesday, local police spokeswoman Hellen Butoto told dpa.
"He was taking selfies when he fell into the river from a very slippery rock on which he was standing. His friends failed to help. His body was retrieved very early yesterday by a fisherman," she said.
The Nile, the world's longest river, runs through Uganda, and the river's numerous falls and rapids are a major tourist attraction.
Deaths while taking selfies are becoming more common as tourists use their mobile phones to try to capture images in precarious spots

Wednesday, April 10th 2019

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