Save the Children: Over 7m Afghan children facing food shortages

Kabul (dpa) – At least 7.3 million children in Afghanistan could face food shortages in May due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Save the Children said on Friday.

The lockdown on major Afghan cities has led to spikes in prices of wheat, oil, and pulses across the country in the past month, the organization said.
While the prices of food surged, the purchasing ability of a large portion of Afghans - who were dependent on daily wages - has declined.
Even before the Covid-19 crisis, over 5 million Afghan children needed some degree of humanitarian support, the statement said.
“What we need is for the international community to urgently fly in food supplies to be distributed to some of the most vulnerable communities in the country, including children, pregnant women, the elderly, malnourished, and those who are sick,” said Timothy Bishop, Save the Children’s director in Afghanistan.
The Afghan government on Thursday announced a trial food-distribution programme in the capital Kabul that provides free bread through local bakeries.


Friday, May 1st 2020

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