Separated Bangladeshi twin wakes up, looks 'fantastic'

MELBOURNE- A Bangladeshi girl separated from her conjoined twin has woken up and looks "fantastic", just two days after the marathon and high-risk operation, hospital officials said on Thursday.
Trishna awoke from an induced coma and was greeted by her guardian Moira Kelly, who rescued the joined-at-the-head two-year-olds from a Bangladesh orphanage.

Separated Bangladeshi twin wakes up, looks 'fantastic'
"Trishna ... Wirginia has said that she's starting to wake up," a hospital spokeswoman told AFP, referring to neurosurgeon Wirginia Maixner.
Maixner told public broadcaster ABC that Kelly was holding Trishna and that her sister, Krishna, would be woken later.
"Trishna is awake and she looks fantastic," she said. "She is cuddling up into Moira's arms and has been there for the last few hours. She was trying to sleep when I saw her but yes fully alert."
Maixner said the sleeping twin, Krishna, had a "few issues" but voiced optimism that the operation had been a success.
"She still has a few issues and she's the one that will have most of the readjustment needs," Maixner said.
"So we wanted to give her brain a little bit longer to settle before we started waking her up. But we plan to start waking her today."
Surgeons gave just a 25 percent chance of both twins making a full recovery. However, both have responded well to the notoriously difficult procedure.
Image: AFP/HO/File.

Thursday, November 19th 2009

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