Springsteen archives find a university home

WASHINGTON- Bruce Springsteen dropped out of college, but his archives are going to university.
Monmouth University in the rock star's home state of New Jersey will be the new home of the Bruce Springsteen Special Collection from November 1, its president Paul Gaffney said in a statement.
Formerly housed in the Ashbury Park public library, which ran out of room to keep it, the ever-growing collection of nearly 15,000 items from 44 countries document the career of The Boss and his E Street Band.

"The additional space at Monmouth allows for the collection to grow and in the future include recordings, oral histories, film footage, and other documents," said Robert Santelli, a Monmouth alumnus who helped secure the archival treasure trove.
Currently, the collection features books, song books, tour books, magazines, fanzines, Internet and newspaper articles, scholarly papers, and even comic books that quote Springsteen lyrics.
Springsteen, 62, whose hits include "Dancing in the Dark," "Born in the USA" and "Streets of Philadelphia," finished high school but dropped out of a New Jersey community college to pursue his rock and roll dreams.

Thursday, October 20th 2011

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