Stephen Hawking and UK health secretary Hunt in war of words over NHS

BERLIN (dpa)- Taking on one of the world's finest minds in a battle over a British institution might seem like an uphill struggle, but Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt decided he had to meet the challenge head on.
In an article published in The Observer newspaper on Sunday, Hunt continued the war of words over Britain's National Health Service (NHS) between himself and Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist and author of best-selling book "A Brief History Of Time."

The argument erupted after a speech Hawking made on August 18 to Britain's Royal Society of Medicine, in which he accused the government of wanting to privatize the NHS, which is famed around the world for its provision of universal healthcare.
Hunt hit back the following day via Twitter.
"Most pernicious falsehood from Stephen Hawking is idea government wants US-style insurance system," Hunt wrote. "Is it 2 much to ask him to look at evidence?"
But Hawking was unbowed. In an article published in the Guardian on Friday, he accused Hunt of "misquoting me and misrepresenting research."
In the latest - and perhaps more measured - salvo, Hunt wrote on Sunday that Hawking is "once again wrong in his characterization of government policy towards the NHS."
The coming week may reveal whether Hawking decides to let Hunt have the last word, or whether this is an argument that - like the universe - is ever expanding.

Tuesday, August 29th 2017

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