Steve Bannon to focus on Europe to help populists win EU elections

Rome (dpa) - Steve Bannon, the former far-right strategist of US President Donald Trump, intends to spend "80 per cent" of his time in Europe to help populists win May's EU parliament elections.


Speaking in Rome, Bannon explained the purpose of his new initiative, The Movement. He presented it as a support network for European anti-establishment parties.
After the November mid-term elections in the United States, "I will be spending 80 per cent of my time in Europe in preparation for the European Parliament elections," Bannon said Saturday.
The Movement, "a loose association of like-minded parties and individuals," will offer "polling, data analytics, war rooms [...], all the nuts and bolts that people need to win elections," he said.
The League of Italian Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini has already endorsed The Movement. Germany's Alternative for Germany (AfD), on the other hand, has not.
Bannon spoke at a festival organized by Brothers of Italy, a far-right party that sits on the opposition, but has anti-EU and anti-immigration stances similar to the League.
The League is in government with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, after both parties scored large gains in March 4 general elections.
"Brexit, Trump and what you voted for in March 2018 is all of a piece: it's a rejection of the way things are," Bannon said, describing Italy as "the centre of the universe of politics."
He blamed elites for the 2008 financial crisis, spoke in favour of traditional family values, and said people who want to defend their country's sovereignty cannot be dismissed as racists or xenophobes.


Saturday, September 22nd 2018

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