Study: 27 million people may lose US health insurance in pandemic

Washington (dpa) - A study is warning 27 million people in the United States may be in the process of losing their health insurance because they became unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The report by the Kaiser Family Foundation based its analysis on the sharply rising unemployment data out from government agencies.
In the US, many people rely on their jobs for their health insurance, and losing the former can mean losing the latter as well.
More than 6 million of those becoming uninsured are children, and the majority of them would be entitled to government health schemes, but hundreds of thousands of other youngsters would remain frozen out, the report said.
Certain individuals might be poor enough to receive government assistance and there is an option for people to continue to buy their own insurance, but the cost is high.
"Unemployment Insurance filings continue to climb each week, and it is likely that people will continue to lose employment and accompanying ESI for some time, though some of them will return to work as social distancing curbs are loosened," the report said.
ESI refers to employer-sponsored insurance.
Already some 33 million people have applied for unemployment benefits and new numbers are out on Thursday, with expectations that the figure will rise yet again, as it has every week since mid-March.
Health care is a key issue in US political debates and will likely feature prominently in the lead up to the November elections.


Wednesday, May 13th 2020

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