Sudan's military council to resume talks with opposition

Khartoum - Sudan's military council has said it will resume talks with members of the country's opposition on Sunday, paving the way for the two sides to iron out the final details of a power-sharing deal following the ouster of Omar al-Bashir.

The negotiations between the council and opposition groups were suspended on Thursday for 72 hours after the two sides reached a power-sharing deal to pave the way for a civilian government.
The two sides have so far failed to agree on the constitution of a so-called "sovereign council," a supreme body that would rule the country until elections. They disagree on what percentage of the body should be composed of military and civilian members.
Thousands of Sudanese protesters, meanwhile, were gathered outside the army headquarters in Khartoum on Saturday, continuing their months-long sit-in that began with the demand that the military hand over power to a civilian government.
Political unrest in Sudan reached a fever pitch December 2018, when a sharp hike in bread and fuel prices caused a public outcry. One month later, protesters began calling for the ouster of al-Bashir, who has been sought by the International Criminal Court for severe human rights violations in Sudan's Darfur region.
The military intervened in April by launching a coup and arresting al-Bashir, but the subsequent installation of interim military leaders was rejected by protesters, who have continued to call for a civilian government.


Saturday, May 18th 2019

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