Syrian blogging has never been and will never be a gate to normalization with the Zionists

Damascus - the Syrian blogsphere recently followed the publication of news and reports about the alleged dialogue between a group of Syrian and Israeli bloggers, through ( site, news agencies reported that there has been talks taking place for quite some time between a group of Syrian and Israeli bloggers, in order to bring their views together and open the door of normalization, which the Israelis are looking for with all Arab countries.

Syrian blogging has never been and will never be a gate to normalization with the Zionists

Here at Blogger, the Syrian bloggers association, one of the leading blogging channels in Syria, We decided to make our position crystal clear on the issue at hand, directly and with our free will ,regarding the accusations against the Syrian Blogging, so we can tell our side of the story, and for the picture to become clearer. Note that Blogger (Syrian bloggers Association), consists of more than 490 bloggers, male and female, from different castes, behaviors and interests, who blog in both Arabic and English; there has also been more than 25 thousand inputs on this website through the blogs.

First: Syrian blogging is fully innocent from the accusations of having a dialogue and blogging with Israelis. Syrian blogging had not witnessed any clear and honest attempt in this matter, and if there were any in individual attempts by specific people or parties, then those certainly, do not, under any form or shape, represent the opinions, positions, and interests of Syrian bloggers, and the Syrian blogsphere.

Second: all the links & names of the bloggers mentioned in ( website, was an attempt to connect the Syrian bloggers to the issue, and a number of names have already issued statements denying that and called the project director to remove their links .

Third: what is actually taking place, from our point of view,is that the only dialogue existing is between a variety of intellectuals from both parties, and this is expected Since Israel is keen to attract some of the intellectuals or writers who are psychologically, and beneficially willing to do this job. therefore, the existence of a number of intellectuals in the dialog does not mean that they belong to the blogsphere.

Forth: the idea of a dialogue with ISrael in order to begin the normalization is concept
rejected by the Arab and Islamic people in the area, and these people only want one thing, which is for the occupier to leave all occupied lands and for the people to have their rights back.

Fifth: this media euphoria about this dialog and its propaganda reflects Israeli bias and
impartiality, otherwise where was the media when (Blogger) and Syrian bloggers had a
campaign Blogging for Freedom of Golan Heights)?? wasn't that campaign a strong position expressing the Syrian blogger's opinions towards the Israeli party? we have the right to place a big question mark around the manners by which these issues are dealt.

Sixth: we hope that all the Syrian bloggers would express their positions honestly and clearly regarding this matter, in order to stop or at least reduce the media's false propaganda and fake information promotion, in order to reach a future goal being planned through using Syrian blogging as a key to the gate of the Israeli normalization.

Wednesday, June 16th 2010
Syrian Bloggers Associations

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