The day I watched the disgusting baby-killer Assad finally sign his own death warrant

It was the smirk that did it for me.

The small, barely perceptible little glint of amused mockery that spread across President Bashar al-Assad’s pinched little face throughout his ‘interview’ this morning.
Published: 19:27, 13 April 2017 | Updated: 01:34, 14 April 2017


Particularly when it appeared as he asked about the little children he gassed to death: ‘Were they dead at all?’

Yes, you repulsive excuse for a human being, they were bloody dead; their short lives brutally exterminated by Sarin gas dropped from YOUR planes.

We all saw the horrifying videos, we all winced and wept at the photographs.

President Bashar al-Assad’s pinched little face in an ‘interview’ this morning when he asked about the little children he gassed to death: ‘Were they dead at all?’

Not dead? How dare he. The twin babies pictured being held by distraught father Abdel Hameed Alyousef, 29, killed in the attack

We also know the US tracked your deadly planes on radar and that Turkish doctors confirmed the use of Sarin gas.

There is not a scintilla of doubt that these children are dead, nor about the manner in which they died or who was responsible.

YOU killed them, you despicable creature.

Unlike the trumped up WMD charges against Saddam Hussein that were used to justify the illegal disastrous war in Iraq, here is clear and present evidence that a nation’s leader has just used WMD to murder his own people.

Of course, today’s ‘interview’ wasn’t really an interview at all.

It was conducted by the AFP news agency but filmed by government officials and only a few of the actual questions and answers were approved for release to the world.

What we did see though was a desperate dictator who’s suddenly lost control of a war he thought he was about to win.

We also saw what lies inside the sub-human soul of a man who has slaughtered 400,000 of his own people and no longer has any concept of what death even is.

The lies came thick and fast:

* It was a ‘100% fabrication’ that his forces used chemical weapons this week.

* He has ‘never’ used chemical weapons.

* In fact he gave them all up ‘three years ago’.

* It’s not something he would ‘morally’ do because ‘it’s not acceptable.’


Then came the conspiracy theories, led by the ridiculous claim that America worked ‘hand-in-glove’ with ISIS to commit the atrocity in order to give them an excuse to attack Assad in retaliation.

You don’t have to like Donald Trump to realise this is the least likely and most offensive theory ever espoused.

Nor do you have to be a genius to deduce that if someone takes a whole week to publicly deny a chemical weapons attack, as Assad did, then they’re probably speaking with severely forked tongue.

I got a small, personal insight into Assad’s twisted, deviant mind when some of his emails were published a few years ago including one from him to his wife recommending she watch a YouTube clip from an America’s Got Talent audition show that I judged.

It featured a bloodthirsty illusionist named Kevin James who cut his assistant in half using an electric saw.

That was Assad’s favourite act.

Hardly surprising, really, given that his equally repellent father was known to dissolve his victims’ limbs in acid.

Now Assad Jr delights in similar real-life butchery like targeting heavily populated civilian areas with nerve gas or barrel bombs full of chlorine, blowing hospitals or torturing political prisoners.

He has no moral compass, no sense of humanity.

And as we have now seen confirmed from his own mouth this morning, he has lost all grip on reality.

In short, as happens to many people in war, Assad’s gone mad.

So what should be done with him?

President Obama believed in America ‘leading from behind’ when it came to foreign policy and military action.

It was an abject failure as a strategy, making the United States appear weak and ineffectual, and emboldening the likes of Assad and his main supporter, Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

President Trump, by contrast, is swiftly showing himself to be a man of action.

A week ago, he unleashed 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on Assad’s air force.

On Sunday, he re-routed US naval forces towards the Korean peninsular after new aggressive behaviour from bellicose North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Today, he dropped the world’s biggest non-nuclear bomb on an ISIS target in Afghanistan, a 21,000 weapon nicknamed MOAB - ‘Mother of all Bombs.’


Trump will not tolerate dictators crossing red lines. Assad, Putin and Jong-Un should all be very worried men. They are facing a President who is prepared to back up words of warning with decisive intervention from the world’s most fearsome military

These are three major statements to the world that Trump is not going to tolerate dictators crossing red lines like chemical weapons or impudently threatening American national security, and he is absolutely determined to fulfil his campaign pledge to ‘wipe out’ ISIS.

Assad, Putin and Jong-Un should all be very worried men today.

For too long they have been free to act with impunity on the global stage because the leader of the free world let them.

Now they are facing a new US President who is prepared to back up words of warning with decisive intervention from the world’s most fearsome military.

Until this morning, I reluctantly believed the only way for the horrific Syrian war to end was for Assad to remain in power, however unpalatable that may be, and then be removed if and when peace is achieved.

But then I watched him smirking as he questioned if his tiny victims were even dead, and I felt a groundswell of fury build up inside me.

Smirking Assad today branded claims his regime carried out the attack on his own population '100 per cent fabrication'. Watching him, my fury built - he is deluded and needs to go

There was something so wildly deluded and so insanely sinister about his demeanour and rhetoric that I have zero confidence he will do anything but continue to commit war crimes.

The argument against removing him is who will take his place?

It’s a legitimate question, particularly after we have seen so much chaos in countries like Iraq, Libya and Egypt after the regime change removal of their dictators.

But I now see no benefit to Syria or the rest of the world in allowing this disgusting man to stay in power.

He deliberately gassed those kids because he’s a monster, pure and simple.

And history shows that monsters carry on being monsters until somebody stops them.

It’s time to get rid of Bashar al-Assad

Saturday, April 15th 2017
By Piers Morgan for

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