Thousands evacuated at German airport after man opens alarmed door

Dusseldorf - Some 6,500 people had to be evacuated on Friday morning from the security zone of an airport in western Germany after a passenger had set off an alarm by going through an emergency door.

Police said initial investigations showed that a man opened the door at Dusseldorf airport by mistake and was followed by two passengers.
Travellers who had already gone through the security checks had to return to the public area of the airport, and some even had to leave their planes after boarding, according to an airport spokesman.
After two hours the gates could be reopened, although long queues formed at the security gates, he added.
Nobody was arrested in relation to the incident, a police spokeswoman said. The door appears to have been opened unwittingly.
Dusseldorf airport is the third largest in Germany. Some 75,000 passengers were expected to travel on 634 flights on Friday.
The airport has yet to say exactly how many flights were affected.
Several were delayed and some were cancelled, though it was initially unclear whether the clearance of the gates was the reason for this.


Friday, March 1st 2019

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