Thousands in Germany remember murdered Egyptian woman

DRESDEN - Thousands of people attended a service in Germany Saturday to remember a young Egyptian mother who was stabbed to death in a courtroom, allegedly by a man who had called her a "terrorist."
Marwa El-Sherbini, 31, was three months pregnant when she was knifed 18 times on July 1 as she gave evidence in a court in Dresden, eastern Germany.

Thousands in Germany remember murdered Egyptian woman
The murder, allegedly carried out by a 28-year-old German man as Sherbini testified against him, sparked outrage among the Muslim community and in Egypt.
He had previously referred to her as an "Islamist" and a "terrorist."
Several portraits of the young woman, who wore the headscarf, were on the steps of the city's town hall for today's remembrance ceremony.
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel to ensure the murderer be swiftly brought to justice when the pair met at last week's G8 summit.

Sunday, July 12th 2009

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