Trump Jr criticizes 'leftist' baseball fans for booing his father

New York (tca/dpa) - Donald Trump Jr brushed off the boo birds that trashed his father at a Washington Nationals World Series game as a product of the "leftist DC fan base."

"I'll take boos from the leftist DC fan base and cheers from the great men and women of the United States Armed Forces any day of the week!" Trump Jr tweeted Monday morning, along with a video of the president surrounded by military officers on the field before an Army-Navy college football game.
The first son may have slipped up by conceding that the sell-out crowd delivered a near-universal Bronx cheer to the commander in chief when his image flashed on the giant screen at Nationals Park in Washington.
There were also chants of "lock him up" as Trump, flanked by Republican congressional heavy hitters including Senator Lindsey Graham and representatives Steve Scalise, Mark Meadows, Matt Gaetz and Liz Cheney, did his best to force a smile.
The chanting was a riff on how Trump supporters scream "lock her up!" whenever he brings up Hillary Clinton at his campaign rallies.
Trump acolytes mostly sought to maintain the fiction that the president was greeted with a mixture of boos and cheers at the game, even though video left little doubt that the vast majority of fans reacted negatively to the president.
For Trump, the cascading boos were a rare window into the country's actual feelings about him. Unlike his predecessors, Trump rarely if ever exposes himself to crowds that are not packed with handpicked supporters who cheer even his most outrageous claims.
Trump did not post anything about attending Game 5 on his Twitter feed.
The Nationals are in an even deeper hole than the impeachment-plagued Trump. They have lost three straight games to the powerhouse Houston Astros and now face a daunting 3-2 deficit in the best-of-seven series.

Tuesday, October 29th 2019
By Dave Goldiner, New York Daily News

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