Trump administration promises 'additional action' on Portland unrest

Washington - The Trump administration is promising to widen the crackdown by federal forces in Portland, amid weeks of sustained daily protests and sometimes violent unrest that show no signs of abating and which appear to be spreading to other cities.

Chad Wolf, the top official at the Department of Homeland Security, told Fox News on Sunday he would be taking "additional actions, as early as this week."
Police in Portland declared a "riot," and announced more arrests overnight at the protests, which are largely against police brutality and racism.
In neighbouring Washington state, Seattle police chief Carmen Best also said the city was seeing a riot. Some 45 people were arrested, while about 20 officers were injured, officials said.
US President Donald Trump sent in federal forces to Portland recently, ostensibly to protect federal property, but over the heads of state and local officials, in what appeared to be a political move.
Democrats have slammed Trump for deploying highly militarized federal forces, who have carried out arrests in unmarked vehicles and are using heavy-handed practices, like beatings.
Some protesters are vandalizing buildings, setting fires and shooting off fireworks at law enforcement. The Trump administration has repeatedly denounced "violent anarchists."
Austin, in Texas, also saw heavy protests, as did Richmond, the capital of Virginia, and Los Angeles, among other areas, with clashes between protesters and police, with the demonstrations often taking place under a banner calling for social justice.
In May, a black man, George Floyd, died while in police custody in Minnesota, sparking unrest.


Sunday, July 26th 2020

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