Trump's supporters take to airwaves in defence of Ukraine conduct

WASHINGTON (dpa)- Supporters of President Donald Trump appeared on multiple US news programmes on Sunday to defend Trump as he faces an impeachment inquiry from Democratic lawmakers.
Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer and a central character in the unfolding Ukraine controversy, continued to push unsubstantiated claims that former vice president and presidential candidate Joe Biden pushed for the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor to protect his son.

Giuliani said he would not cooperate with congressman Adam Schiff, a leader of the impeachment inquiry into Trump.
"I wouldn't cooperate with Adam Schiff. I think Adam Schiff should be removed," Giuliani said on ABC's This Week, and went on to say he would "consider" testifying before Schiff's committee if Trump approved.
The statements come days after the Democrats opened an impeachment inquiry into Trump and a CBS poll on Sunday showed a slim majority of Americans - 55 per cent - support the effort.
At the centre of the impeachment inquiry is a whistle-blower complaint, which alleged Trump tried "to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 US election." There was also concern Trump was withholding military aid to Ukraine to get political dirt on Biden.
White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller slammed the integrity of the whistle-blower calling the intelligence community member a "deep state operative."
"I think it's unfortunate that the media continues to describe this individual as a whistle-blower, an honorific that this individual most certainly does not deserve," Miller said on Fox News Sunday. "A partisan hit-job does not make you a whistle-blower just because you go through the whistle-blower protection act."

Monday, September 30th 2019

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