UN chief slams Kabul suicide attack

UNITED NATIONS - The UN Security Council and UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Thursday strongly condemned slammed the massive suicide bombing that killed at least 17 people near the Indian embassy in Kabul.
Members of the 15-member council "condemned in the strongest terms the terrorist suicide attack at the Indian Embassy in Kabul."

UN chief slams Kabul suicide attack
They voice regret that this was the second such attack on the Indian diplomatic mission in Kabul in the past two years.
Earlier in the day, Ban also strongly condemned "the senseless attack that took place in Kabul today, in the vicinity of the Indian Embassy and the Afghan Ministry of the Interior."
Taliban militants said in an online statement that one of their "martyrs" had carried out the attack in the heavily fortified central diplomatic area, and said the Indian embassy "was the main target."

Thursday, October 8th 2009

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