US annual report lays out state of human rights worldwide

WASHINGTON (dpa)- The annual human rights report published Friday by the US State Department singles out Syria, Russia, China and Iran as countries where some of the worst human rights violations took place last year.
The report, which is considered the world’s most complete portrait of human rights conditions, includes details about the torture of prisoners, the detention of journalists, child labour and persecuted activists among other violations of human rights.

John J Sullivan,
John J Sullivan,
Covering events last year in every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, the report was presented by Acting Secretary of State John J Sullivan, who called it "natural outgrowth of our values as Americans."
Sullivan said the department sharpened its focus to note the most egregious abuses, including those against women, LGBT persons, disabled people, indigenous people and members of religious minorities.
The report refers to "horrendous" human rights abuses in Syria, including barrel bombings, attacks on hospitals and reports of rape and abuse by Syrian government personnel.
Turkey was singled out for the detention of tens of thousands of individuals, including journalists and academics, under an ongoing state of emergency.
The Russian government, the report said, continues to quash dissent and civil society, and China "continues to spread the worst features of its authoritarian system," including restrictions on activists, civil society, freedom of expression and arbitrary surveillance.
The report also took China to task for the not having a independent judiciary and tight controls on information.
It is the 42nd human rights report prepared by the State Department using information from US embassies and consulates, government officials and other sources.

Saturday, April 21st 2018

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