US 'concerned' over renewed Bahrain violence

WASHINGTON- The United States on Saturday expressed concern over fresh violence in Bahrain between police and demonstrators, and urged a probe into the most recent clashes.
US embassy officials in Manama meanwhile met human rights activist Nabeel Rajab, a Shiite, who was injured during a demonstration on Friday, the State Department said.

US 'concerned' over renewed Bahrain violence
"The United States is deeply concerned by continuing incidents of violence in Bahrain between police and demonstrators," said spokeswoman Victoria Nuland in a statement.
"We urge all demonstrators to refrain from acts of violence and for police and security forces also to avoid excessive use of force."
Rajab, who heads the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights, was hospitalized after the attack that also targeted fellow activist Yosuf al-Mahafdha, their supporters said.
Bahrain is majority Shiite, but the country is ruled by a Sunni monarch and members of the royal family hold the main political and military posts.
Demonstrations have become commonplace in Shiite villages despite government action, including the use of troops from neighboring Saudi Arabia, that ended a month-long pro-democracy protest last year.
An international probe into Bahrain's crackdown on the protests found that 35 people were killed in the unrest, including five security personnel and five detainees who were tortured to death in custody. Hundreds were injured.

Sunday, January 8th 2012

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