US education chief presses Congress to pass DREAM Act

WASHINGTON- US Education Secretary Arne Duncan Thursday pressed lawmakers to start debating a proposed law that would allow children of illegal immigrants to go to US universities.
Duncan said he hoped lawmakers will "start debate and ultimately pass" the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act during the lame duck session of Congress which began this week.

DREAM Act rally
DREAM Act rally
If the DREAM Act becomes law, each year some 55,000 youngsters who came to the United States illegally as children or who were born here to undocumented immigrant parents, would be allowed to go to university after completing high school.
Under current US immigration law, illegal immigrant youngsters cannot attend university even if they completed elementary, middle and high school in the United States and have been offered college scholarships.
Duncan denied he was trying to ram the act through Congress during the lame-duck session, in which President Barack Obama's Democratic Party is still majority in both houses -- in January, the House of Representatives switches to Republican control.
"I don't think about whether it's this Congress or next Congress," Duncan told reporters.
"This is as good a time as any, and given the urgency and the desperate need to have a better educated and knowledge-based workforce, I think we should move now."
Passing the act would put the United States on track to reclaim its position as the country with the largest percentage of college graduates per capita, and would boost the economy, said the education secretary.
Obama has set 2020 as a goal for the country to regain the status it held a generation ago, when it had the highest percentage of university graduates in the world, Duncan added.
The United States currently ranks ninth in the world in terms of university graduates per population ratio.
"I'm convinced we have to educate our way to a better economy. We have to again lead the world in college graduates," said Duncan.
"We need folks who can function well in a knowledge economy, we need folks who can be productive citizens, and we have a vast untapped pool here who are being denied that opportunity," he said.

Saturday, November 20th 2010

1.Posted by Francis on 11/20/2010 9:00 PM

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama has disclosed the tight-knit mystery of the contents of the--DREAM ACT. The contents of the DREAM Act, S. 3827 is not what most Americans believe it to be. Senator Harry Reid, Sen. Barbara Boxer, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and a whole list of far left flung Democrats may think he has fooled the people, but the truth is now out and should be inflexibly recognized as a Path to Citizenship or Amnesty. Not so much the students who would become naturalized citizens, but the chain migration that would snowball for all family members. As I have said before we are committing financial suicide, because the majority of guarantors never honor their affidavits to support the people they vouch? In the end the older family folks who have never paid into the Social Security system, become another public welfare liability.

To reiterate the dollar numbers have been calculated by the Conservative think tank Heritage Foundation and has analyzed the costs would be somewhere in the two and one half Trillion dollar mark (2.5 Trillion) for any new Amnesty. Every US taxpayer should decide for themselves if by passing the Dream Act is an economic plus for America. You must read the text of the DREAM ACT to understand the real costs and the propaganda spread by the hard Liberal leadership. Go to:

This blog page carries the major contents of the Dream Act that outlines the ramifications to the taxpayer, who carries the tax burden. For further information and a chance to contact your Senator or Representative with a--FREE--fax, go to

In addition learn about the buying and selling of your GOP, Liberals or Democrats and the extent of the influence of special interest groups and open border organizations at Learn about the secret funding by the Democrats to assist Sanctuary Cities to survive on your dollar. It seems that the Liberals don’t abide by the instruction in the US Constitution, straying away from every citizen rights with their own ideology. Stop the Dream Act by calling your Senator at the Washington switchboard and demanding no more taxes to support illegal immigration.

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