US 'fully supports' UN Afghanistan envoy: official

WASHINGTON - The United States said Friday it "fully supports" the UN special envoy in Afghanistan, who is at the center of a controversy after he sacked his former US deputy.
Kai Eide, a Norwegian, fired Peter Galbraith last week, after the veteran US diplomat accused his ex-boss of blocking the release of details of "very extensive" voter fraud in Afghanistan's August 20 elections.

US 'fully supports' UN Afghanistan envoy: official
"The United States fully supports United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and Special Representative Kai Eide in UNAMA's oversight of and support for Afghanistan's election processes on behalf of the world community," State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said in a statement.
"We are in close cooperation with UNAMA and Ambassador Eide, and believe that the agency and its leadership have shown sound judgment in the conduct of their mission."
The election, marred by accusations of widespread fraud, is still unresolved after almost two months and electoral officials are currently auditing suspicious votes in the hope of reaching a final result by the end of next week.
But Eide has rejected Galbraith's accusations, saying Thursday that charges the United Nations "covered up or that I asked for fraud to be covered up are patently false."

Saturday, October 10th 2009

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