Vogue editor biggest fashion flop of 08: Time

NEW YORK (AFP) - She may be the world's top fashion guru, but Vogue magazine's US editor Anna Wintour still managed to make last year's biggest fashion blunder, Time magazine says.
Time gave her top spot on a list of 10 fashion mistakes in 2008 with her appearance at the Met Costume Gala in a bizarre-looking long silver dress "that makes her look like she's encrusted with ammonoid fossils."

Vogue editor biggest fashion flop of 08: Time
The list in the weekly's first issue for 2009 is equally merciless to other A-listers.
Janet Jackson came runner-up with a golden jumpsuit that looks like a sci-fi costume. Her fashion crime?
"The fit doesn't seem quite right," Time says -- and "she's wearing it in public."
Actress Kate Bosworth is raked over Time's coals for wearing a metallic grey Chanel dress.
"You have to feel a little sympathy," Time says. "She's going to a Chanel event as Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld's date. It's an honor and so forth. Then he puts her in an ensemble that looks like stacked muffin tins."
Image of Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Anna Wintour by Andrew H. Walker.

Sunday, January 4th 2009

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