Western Consciences for Hire

"When Aleppo falls we must be there to help its suffering people". I am sure, when you see such a headline, you are going to ask yourself: Why wait until Halab falls? Why don't you do something now, Mr Samaritan?

 But when you read the article of Patrick Cockburn, you will discover that he has just come from Damascus to defend Al-Assad's regime, trying to speed up and facilitate the fall of Aleppo, so that the killer he defends can rule the whole of Syria again-- which nobody in the world believes is going to happen, apart from Iran and Russia. Halab is not going to fall, but there are many pro-Syrian regimes in the West drumming for defeat, to show their backers that they are doing their best to re-conciliate him with the West. As for Robert Fisk, who has been defending Al-Assad and his gang for five years, his enthusiasm to keep him in power makes him look illogical and phony. Once, he visited Aleppo with the henchmen of Assad, and saw a broken ambulance. Instead of directing his anger against the ones who bombed and destroyed it, he tried to blame a Scottish charity who donated it to help the Syrian people of Aleppo. With such a mentality, and consciences for hire, the first victim of the war is the truth. 

Monday, December 5th 2016
Muhydin Lazikani

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