only one name in Syrian yellow pages : Rami Makhlouf

Damascus - Here I am returning from my trip on Sham Pearl Airlines, to the younger sister company of Sham Wings, due to limited flights Syrian Arab Airlines because of the brutal imperialist U.S. blockade; the two companies are owned by Mr. Rami Makhlouf, the successful investor who does not waste any efforts to establish new investment projects that would benefit the Syrian people and is the reason for the extreme comfort we all live in. I could hear the pilot’s voice informing us that we have reached safely to the ancient Damascus airport,

only one name in Syrian yellow pages : Rami Makhlouf
oops! I meant the International Damascus Airport, so it is time to exit the plane. I said goodbye to the beautiful airplane I was on as I exited, and I headed towards the airport terminal. I bumped into the duty free market, one of many which Mr. Makhlouf did not forget to establish on each of our borders so we can enjoy the various high quality international products, with the best prices. I entered the luxurious market looking for a gift for my wife. I picked a diamond watch for her, from a famous international brand, then shopped for some other good, and then headed to the cashier. And OH MY!.. It slipped my mind that Mr. Rami’s duty free markets only deal with the hard currencies, which I did not have much of, but I didn’t have any trouble since I could pay using my credit card which I got from Byblos Bank in Syria, which was also established for our services by Mr. Rami, the local investor who does not miss a thing

I completed my entry procedures, and headed to the airport’s parking, looking for my luxurious BMW. I put my luggage in the trunk, sat behind the week, and thanked God for Mr. Rami’s ability to import those great cars, after his problem with Mercedes Benz and their refusal to make him the exclusive agent to their cars. But again, no problem, the exclusive agency was fully cancelled in Syria, and now he is personally able to import any car and however he wanted, it is important to note that this is all for our benefit.

I exited the airport, and drove into the land which I loved and missed greatly; I was faced by a huge billboard for Syriatel Telecommunications Company, congratulating me for reaching safely, and reminding me of the importance of a cell phone use in order to call my family and friends. I picked up my cell phone, which definitely has Syriatel’s SIM card, which Mr. Rami has provided for us to facilitate our lives. I called my wife, and heard her voice through the speaker, checking on me, and I told her I will be home soon.

I continued my way, passing by Damascus southern hydrofoil; I headed to my house and had strange thoughts about all these traitors and haters to the Communist System, and those ungrateful to all those blessings that we have. My chain of thoughts was interrupted by a sudden noise from my car informing me to fill gas, so I took the turn that takes me back to Al Mezze highway, passing by the Mr. Makhlouf construction projects, working day and night to build his huge five-star hotel, which my tourist friends will sure enjoy, and I might also come with my family and check in for a few days, knowing that its prices will be precisely studied, especially for the Syrian citizen, who will sure be able to afford it, just like all the other project invested by Mr. Rami. I continued driving, looking right and left, and seeing the Syriatel building, covered by a beautiful red advertisement, seeing a Syriatel service center under a government building, seeing the towers of the same loved network poking the sky, was surprised by the huge magnitude of this investment, and the professionalism of those working on it, whom without them and their ideas we would still be communicating to this day through homing pigeons. I reached to the petrol station, and the worker started filling my car with the luxurious gasoline, which is provided to us through the foreigner petrol investment companies, those companies which were brought by Mr. Rami again, to contribute and participate in our economic development. When the man finished filling up my car, he pointed at the electronic gas meter, which was showing the cheap value of gasoline in my country, and why not! We are after all an oil producing country, unlike our neighbors who do not have any oil resources.
I left the station and continued my way to my home, my wife called me checking up and rushing me, so I hurried up and reached my beautiful home. There was my son sitting on the computer which I recently bought him from one of Mr. Rami’s electronic shops, the computer was connected to an internet service also provided by Mr. Rami due to the bad connection services of the official telecommunications company.

There is my beloved wife, watching the plasma TV which I bought for her on a good deal, with some home equipment, by a company which Rami Makhlouf’s wife’s brother is the exclusive representative to. This offer was sent to me through one of the huge media companies owned by one of Makhlouf brothers. The family ran to me and greeted me with kisses and hugs, and then we all sat down and started talking. My children told me they wanted to go on a family trip to Lattakia province. I did not object the idea especially that Mr. Rami’s tourism projects in Lattakia have provided for all citizens, from all castes all the services and luxury required, such as restaurants and hotels, with very convenient and affordable prices, then my wife told me about her desire to buy a villa in one of the new residential projects being launched by Makhlouf with his partners, in order to solve the real estate crisis and provide housing for all the Syrian people.

We were sitting and chatting for about two hours, then my family went inside to get some rest, so I started organizing some of my work papers, and I started thinking about the secret of Rami Makhlouf’s success, this local entrepreneur, who started his success from scratch and built himself; why couldn’t all the other Syrian investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs reach to his level of success??

Why didn’t anyone think of starting cell phone networks in Syria? And why didn’t anyone think of competing against him with better services? Isn’t this investment available for whoever wants to invest in it? And if one of the competitors actually established another competing network would that be of benefit to the Syrian citizen? Why didn’t anyone think of putting his company shares for subscription and that way he would make billions of pounds and still chairman of his company, with the highest share, and still have the final word regarding its work and investments, even if some of those investments were a loss for some subscribers? Which is something that never happened in any of Makhlouf’s companies…

Why didn’t anyone think of investing in the oil field, which is open for public, or think of launching duty free markets on any piece of our generous country’s land, which were leased in very low prices before Rami Makhlouf? What is this unique intelligence of Rami Makhlouf, which no one has reached to before him or even after him?? Why didn’t anyone think of renting or buying a huge piece of Lattakia shore and building a big restaurant like “Views”?? Isn’t it possible for any Syrian investor to ask the Syrian government for a big piece of land on the coast line and be able to establish any project he desires?? Why didn’t anyone think of investing in the first building of Mezze highway and turn it into a fancy hotel?? This building has been laying there for years, not fully built, and no has been working on finishing it, even though it has no “security” hindrance, or is it because it overlooks the Mezze Military Airport, and the security department never interfered in stopping the building process and the investment in general? Wouldn’t this building be uselessly sitting there if it wasn’t for Mr. Rami who noticed it? And all the investors and even its original owners didn’t bother finishing it as a residential property because of their laziness and their narrow horizons. Wouldn’t the head of government, his deputy, and a bulk of Ministers launch this hotel if it was for another investor? Why didn’t anyone think of purchasing towers in Dubai or land in Romania, or entering lost, I mean successful project in Arab countries such as Yemen for example, using the money of his subscribers?

I looked deeply into this man’s investments and projects, that don’t rely on exclusivity and abusing power at all, but rather on activeness, following up, and continuous innovation, I thought deeply into this young investor who by himself was able to achieve what none of the other Syrian investors, combined, were able to achieve. I looked into this powerful man who became an influence on the Syrian economy, in all its sectors, all by himself. I thought of all the other investors, their laziness and their limited thinking; they rely on traditional projects. I thought of all the Syrian youth, with ages close to Rami Makhlouf’s, who are not even able to support their families. What distinguishes Makhlouf from them but his hard working and innovation in all his projects?

I snapped out of my phone as the phone was ringing nonstop, my wife picked up, and it was the Syriatel company lawyer warning us of confiscating all of our movable and non-movable money and property if we did not pay our 700 Syrian Pounds bill to Rami Makhlouf’s company, I started laughing at this lawyer who has no idea that I don’t have all that kind of money and property anyways, and I cursed him for waking me up from my pleasant day dream, but it did not slip my mind to silently thank Mr. Rami Makhlouf for hiring this lawyer who called early to snap me back to reality, so I can wake up and find me a seat in one of the internal transportation busses, to head to work and provide for my family. I entered the pleasant looking and smelling bus, and I said to myself: Bless us with this bus, bless us with the Syriatel lawyer who wakes us up for work, in the morning, bless us with Rami Makhlouf, and bless him with us and Syria all in all

Sunday, May 9th 2010

1.Posted by Angry Syrian on 06/01/2010 7:57 AM
what an utter disgust... when someone like Rami has access to suck up the country resources, appoint/isolate ministers, decides what happens in the country in the best way that helps his bank account... NOT ENOUGH... when will it be enough ya Rami. You already have billions. It is you and Bashar that need to be accounted to the people who suffer everyday becuase of the corruption you caused. The syrian people deserve dignity... deserve fair life, deserve better gov services, future for their kids... not abuse, insult and torture.... Yumhil wala Yuhmil... Allah yestifil fikum and your kids. Allah Ysh3hilkum bihalkum wa amradkum

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