Architectural photographer Julius Shulman dies at 98

NEW YORK - Photographer Julius Shulman, whose images of modernist architecture thrust the movement into the limelight, has died aged 98, his representative told AFP Thursday.
Shulman, whose luminous photographs of modern, stark, linear buildings by such architects as Pierre Koenig and Frank Lloyd Wright appear in every major work on 20th century US architecture, died at his Los Angeles home overnight.

Architectural photographer Julius Shulman dies at 98
"He was the biggest architectural photographer of all times," his representative Craig Krull told AFP. "He transformed architectural photography from commercial status to a fine art form."
Shulman's photo entitled "Case Study House 22" -- in which two women gaze out onto the Hollywood Hills at night from the floor-to-ceiling windows of a modern home which appears to be suspended in air -- has been reprinted scores of times in magazines and works on urbanization.
During his seven-decade career, most of Shulman's bold portraits were taken in California, often framing buildings against the mountains, plants and oceans which surrounded them, forming a natural backdrop to their beauty.
On the eve of Shulman's 97th birthday, the German publishers Taschen brought out a retrospective entitled "Modernism Rediscovered" gathering together more than 400 of his photographs.

Friday, July 17th 2009

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