Berlin exhibition boosts profile of female artists before 1919

BERLIN (dpa)- Female artists from before 1919 are to be showcased from Friday in an exhibition at Berlin's Old National Gallery under the title "Kampf um Sichtbarkeit" (Battle for Visibility).
The exhibition contains 60 paintings and sculptures from 43 artists spanning 140 years, all created before 1919. It will run until March 8 next year. All the works are in the possession of the Old National Gallery.

Women were not admitted to Berlin's Academy of Fine Arts until 1919. "But we have a lot of items from the time before that," museum director Ralph Gleis said. This posed the question: "What did female artists do in order to become artists?"
Gleis sees the exhibition as a revision of his own collection from the aspect of the current discussion on equal rights.
Among the works on show are paintings by Caroline Bardua, Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann and Sabine Lepsius. Also displayed are works by artists who have been neglected, such as the Norwegian sculptor Ambrosia Tonnesen, the salon painter Vilma Parlaghy and the Russian pioneer of the avant garde, Natalija Goncarova.

Friday, October 11th 2019

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