Bollywood star Khan wants to 'inspire' India with TV show

NEW DELHI- Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan will make a much-hyped television debut on Sunday, starring in a show dealing with real-life stories aimed at inspiring millions of Indians.
The weekly show is called "Satyamev Jayate" or "Truth Alone Triumphs", a patriotic phrase inscribed on India's national emblem and all Indian currency notes.

Bollywood star Khan wants to 'inspire' India with TV show
Khan has kept the plot secret but he was quoted in local media on Saturday as saying the show is "a journey of discovery, of change, of emotions and of human stories which touch and inspire us."
"My dream is to impact lives," said Khan, 47, who has also produced the show.
The programme will be aired on state-run Doordarshan late morning on Sunday, a slot which most families in India remember for serials based on Hindu epics which would bring the entire country virtually to a standstill.
Khan's show has been creating a buzz even before the first episode, thanks to a novel promotional cross-country campaign in which the actor mingled with locals and shared their meals.
Its teasers suggest the content is likely to tug at heartstrings of average Indians, who are struggling to make ends meet with salaries failing to keep pace with soaring prices.
Khan has made a name for himself as one of the Indian film industry's leading actor-producer-directors, combining offbeat subjects with high-quality production.
He is credited with awakening Indians' consciousness with the Bollywood blockbuster "Rang De Basanti" -- "Colour it Saffron" -- a film that showed the youth take to the streets and revolt against endemic corruption.
The 2006 movie is believed to have fed the anti-corruption movement by social activist Anna Hazare who drew tens of thousands to his protest rallies last year.
Khan also produced "Peepli Live" -- a biting satire about the poverty divide between rural and urban India and the problem of farmer suicides.
Another of Khan's big hits, "Three Idiots," exhorted youngsters to take up careers of their choice and not get burdened by their parents' expectations.
Many predict the show will be a runaway success, given Khan's popularity.
"If there is anyone who can pull this show off, it's Aamir Khan," said social commentator and Indian advertising guru Santosh Desai.

Sunday, May 6th 2012

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