Cuban artist calls on crowds to take mic at mass rally

HAVANA, CUBA- Experimental Cuban performance artist Tania Bruguera has asked her compatriots to share their dreams for the island's future at a "participatory performance" Tuesday likely to ruffle the communist government.
Bruguera, who is known for her politically provocative work, plans to set up an open microphone in Havana's Revolution Square and give participants one minute each to discuss their vision of Cuba's future after this month's historic move to renew ties with the United States.

Speakers will be allowed to talk about whatever they like as long as they do not "call for violence, discrimination, attacks on individuals, illegal acts or violent actions against the public order," said an email from Bruguera's movement "Yo tambien exijo," which means "I also demand."
"The work will be an artistic event that will allow Cubans to stand up and speak in their own voice about the issues worrying them on the verge of starting a new year," Bruguera said in the statement, which was sent out on social media.
Bruguera, 46, trained in Cuba and the United States and splits her time between the two countries and France.
Revolution Square, which sits in front of Cuba's government headquarters, is the iconic gathering spot for political rallies in the island nation.
But the communist authorities have never tolerated independent political gatherings there.
Bruguera's group said she was in the process of requesting official permission to hold the event.
In 2009, she held a similar event at the Havana Biennial Art Exhibition, offering museum-goers an open mic to express their views of the Castro government.
The authorities have not yet responded to Bruguera's latest plans.

Tuesday, December 30th 2014

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