David Hasselhoff feels honoured to be part of East German history

BERLIN (dpa)- Actor and singer David Hasselhoff, who had a 1980s pop song which became synonymous with the fall of the Berlin Wall, says he feels honoured to be linked to the historic event.
He can recall the exact moment that he first laid eyes on the Berlin Wall.

"When you sit in the aeroplane and see the Wall from above. That's amazing. It was like looking down on a giant snake," the American told dpa. "I was really moved."
Hasselhoff visited the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in 1989, together with his former German agent.
"When we saw the Berlin Wall and the Russian soldiers patrolling the Brandenburg Gate, I asked him, 'when will the Wall ever fall?' and he answered, "that won't happen in my life."
A few months later - on November 9, 1989 - the Wall fell.
Shortly afterwards, at parties celebrating New Year's Eve, hundreds of thousands of people in East and West Germany sang along to Hasselhoff's 1988 song "Looking for Freedom."
The song has become an anthem celebrating the fall of the Wall.
"I am honoured to be part of East German history, because people sang 'Looking for Freedom'. And they knew what they were talking about. They really wanted to be free," Hasselhoff said.

Friday, November 8th 2019

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