French court rules magazine violated Celine Dion's privacy

TOULOUSE, France- A court has found a French magazine violated singer Celine Dion's privacy and awarded her 8,000 euros ($9,940) in damages after it wrote in 2010 that she was in hospital with pregnancy-related problems.
The court in Toulouse ordered celebrity magazine Ici Paris to pay the damages, and 2,000 euros in court fees, after it wrote in September 2010 that the Canadian star had been rushed to hospital and doctors feared for the twins she was expecting.

French court rules magazine violated Celine Dion's privacy
The five-time Grammy winner denied the report and the next month delivered by C-section fraternal twin boys, Nelson and Eddy, in Florida.
The suit had been seeking 100,000 euros in damages and interest for Dion and the same amount for her husband-manager Rene Angelil.
"The main thing is that there was a conviction, it is a matter of principle," Dion's lawyer Jacques Levy said. "She talks about her private life, certainly, but it is up to her to decide who she deals with."

Thursday, May 31st 2012

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