Hollywood less forgiving on ageing actresses: Deneuve

SINGAPORE- French screen legend Catherine Deneuve said Friday it was easier for ageing European actresses to play leading roles than it is for female stars in Hollywood where younger alternatives get the nod.
"It's easier to be a European actress than an American actress as far as age is concerned," said Deneuve, who was in Singapore for a French film festival.

Hollywood less forgiving on ageing actresses: Deneuve
"I think it's difficult to have a career in the States because (of) the competition and most of all, the appeal for youth is so intense and it's very difficult for an actress to grow older in American cinemas," she added.
But US actresses as well as ones from Britain enjoyed a wider appeal because of their English-language backgrounds, Deneuve said.
"I think actresses that are English-born or American-born are more lucky than other actresses because they can work in different countries without any problem. It's the limit of European actresses," said Deneuve.
Deneuve, who has played leading roles in French hits such as 'Belle de jour' and 'Indochine', said she enjoyed working on the set of 'Asterix & Obelix: On Her Majesty's Service' with fellow French star Gerard Depardieu.
"He's a wonderful partner. He loves women and he loves actresses, so he's very, very open. He's a very generous partner for women and men as well," she gushed.
"When he's on the set, there is something more. He's very alive and very present, he talks all the time, he always has something to say, always a funny story he has to say."
Depardieu made headlines in August when he was caught short on a Paris to Dublin flight and relieved himself on the cabin floor in front of shocked passengers.

Sunday, December 11th 2011

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