Italian nun puts trust in God for talent show final

MILAN- Italian nun Suor Cristina said she was putting her trust in God as she prepares for the final of a television talent show after winning over audiences with her soulful singing.
"I live in the moment, I leave the future in the hands of providence," the 25-year-old told reporters Wednesday on the eve of the final of The Voice of Italy.
The Sicilian described herself as a "humble servant" and said her success could be attributed to a "thirst for joy, for love, for a message that is beautiful and pure".

"Since Pope Francis talks of a bible of joy... I think I'm on the right track," said Suor Cristina, who will be one of four finalists and hinted she might prefer a quieter life.
"I would be very happy to return to a normal life," she said, but added that fans could continue to hear her music since "I will continue to sing wherever the Lord wants".
The hip-shaking nun's "No One" video has been viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube. She also earned plaudits for her eyebrow-raising version of "The Time of My Life" -- the final song of the cult movie "Dirty Dancing".
Suor Cristina Scuccia used to sing in a band during a period in her life in which she has said she was "far from the Church" and became a nun after auditioning for a musical in which she had to play the part of a clergywoman.

Thursday, June 5th 2014

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