Jackson's nephew named kids' permanent co-guardian

LOS ANGELES- A judge in Los Angeles on Wednesday named Michael Jackson's nephew TJ permanent co-guardian of the late King of Pop's three children, a position he will share with the singer's mother Katherine.
The decision brought to an end the latest drama to disrupt the Jackson family since the pop star's sudden death in June 2009 at age 50 from an overdose of propofol, a powerful anesthetic.

Jackson's nephew named kids' permanent co-guardian
"It's clear to me the children have a very strong, loving relationship with TJ Jackson," said Los Angeles Superior Court judge Mitchell Beckloff.
Katherine Jackson, 82, had been the sole guardian of Prince Michael (15), Paris (14) and Blanket (10) since Jackson's death.
TJ Jackson, the 34-year-old son of Michael's brother Tito, last month was named temporary co-guardian of the children due to Katherine's prolonged absence from her California home, during which she did not contact the kids.
The family matriarch was found to be resting at a spa in Arizona, though her whereabouts had been called into question by other members of the Jackson clan.
Entertainment media portrayed Katherine Jackson's absence as an abduction by Michael's siblings, who are allegedly furious they did not inherit any of the singer's assets, which were left to his mother and children.
Katherine Jackson was reinstated as permanent guardian of the children earlier this month, but she and TJ filed a joint request to the court asking that they be allowed to serve as co-guardians of the three children.
Katherine's lawyer, Sandra Ribera, said her client approved of the agreement with TJ who, like many members of the Jackson family, is a musician.
"Mrs. Jackson is a well-informed, strong woman who makes her own decisions and can't be influenced by anyone when it comes to these children," Rivera said in court.
Jackson's ex-doctor, Conrad Murray, was jailed for four years in November after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter over the singer's death.

Thursday, August 23rd 2012

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