Photographer Larry Clark attacks age limit on his Paris show

PARIS- US photographer and film-maker Larry Clark attacked a minimum 18 age-restriction on an exhibition of his work due to open in Paris as an attack by the older generation on teenagers.
Clark, 67, told Le Monde that the decision to restrict access to the show, due to open on October 9 at Paris' Museum of Modern Art, was like sending a teenager to their room.

If there was to be any ban, he quipped, it should be to people over 18.
The new show, featuring 200 photos, is the first full retrospective of Clark's work in France, though some of the pictures included have already been shown in Paris.
The socialist mayor of Paris Bernard Delanoe has already had to defend the age restriction in the face of criticism from the city's green councillors.
Dismissing accusations of self-censorship in a letter released last month, he said the age restriction would "allow a great artist to show in a great Paris museum".
Clark's influential work as a photographer and as a film-maker has focussed on teenage culture. They are an often unflinching look at sex, nudity and drug use.
One collection of photographs, "Tulsa", has been cited by film-makers including Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Gus Van Sant as an influence.
His own movies, including "Kids" and "Wassup Rockers" explore the same theme and are often equally explicit.

Sunday, October 3rd 2010

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