Stars declare they're 'not afraid' to tackle refugee crisis

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES- Top names in music including Bruce Springsteen and Robert Plant declared themselves "not afraid" in a video released Thursday to support efforts to tackle the world's refugee crisis.
Nigerian reggae star Majek Fashek donated his upbeat song "We Are Not Afraid" for the fund-raising drive of International Rescue Committee and Human Rights Watch.
A video for the song features dozens of celebrities who hold up signs that read "Not Afraid," mostly in still photos.

Other artists in the video include Sting, Peter Gabriel, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, Elvis Costello, Yoko Ono, Patti Smith and -- in a rare appearance wearing a shirt -- Iggy Pop.
Among non-musicians on the video are actors Robert De Niro and Susan Sarandon.
"The idea for 'We Are Not Afraid' resulted from the increasing senseless violence experienced by citizens of this world," said Steve Weitzman, a veteran New York music promoter behind the project.
In an introduction on the video, Weitzman said the initiative aimed to "make a difference by bringing awareness to the issues and organizations dedicated to helping the victims."
Proceeds from the song -- available on major streaming sites and on YouTube at -- will go to the two New York-based organizations, both on the forefront of humanitarian crises.
Europe has been witnessing a historic influx of migrants fleeing Syria and other war-torn countries. At least 110 migrants were feared drowned in the latest tragedy Wednesday as their ship overturned after setting off from Libya.

Friday, November 4th 2016

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