Uggie, canine movie star, to 'write' book

NEW YORK- Uggie, canine star of the Oscar-winning film "The Artist," is to put paw to paper and come out with an autobiography about his dramatic rise from condemned dog to Hollywood darling.
"Uggie -- my story" is due to be published by Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books in October this year.
According to the publishers, the trick-performing Jack Russell, born in 2002, will have his story told from the low of the day he was almost sent to be put down, to the highs of his career as a four-footed film star.

Uggie, canine movie star, to 'write' book
Biographer Wendy Holden will be writing the book in which "Uggie's real-life stories include touring with a dog talent show, roles in movies including 'Water for Elephants' and 'The Artist' and, most recently, his signing as a spokesdog for Nintendo."
The tell-all tale -- or perhaps tail -- will "dish about the stars he has met and worked with including George Clooney, Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and his co-star and love of his life, Reese Witherspoon."
"But Uggie's memoir won't just hit on his career highlights, it will also take a candid look at his private demons and his life as a felon, including cat murderer," the publishers said.
Jennifer Bergstrom, head editor at Gallery, said "Uggie is the perfect author. Not only does he have a scene-stealing personality and crowd-pleasing good looks, but he also knows how to sit, stay, and shake hands."

Thursday, May 3rd 2012

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