'Yoga with Modi': Indian leader's fix to relieve lockdown stress

New Delhi (dpa) - In an effort to encourage Indians to stay fit during the 21-day national lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sharing yoga tips and animated videos of himself performing postures.

"I'm neither a fitness expert nor a medical expert. Practising yoga has been an integral part of my life for many years and I have found it beneficial," Modi said on Twitter.
He shared the link of his YouTube channel "Yoga with Modi," available in several Indian and foreign languages, in which an animated version of himself strikes various poses.
"I hope you also begin practising Yoga regularly....Happy Yoga practising."
The videos include 14 postures such as Suryanamaskar or the sun salutation, Bhujangasana or the cobra pose and Shalabhasana or grasshopper pose.
The Modi government has come under growing criticism in recent days over the mass exodus of migrant workers from cities to villages as well as the country's preparedness to fight the pandemic.
While many Indians are staying at home and possibly doing yoga exercises, tens of thousands of workers, often on foot and with little food, have trudged dozens of kilometres or more home, amid fears that they could carry the virus to remote areas in the country.
Indian authorities are bracing for a potential wave of coronavirus cases with limited health care and medical facilities in the world's second-most populous country with a 1.3 billion inhabitants.
There are a total of 1,200 positive cases including 32 deaths, according to Indian health authorities. There are concerns that India has not conducted enough tests, with only over 38,000 tests given its huge population.
Some Indians took to social media to attack Modi for being "insensitive" during the crisis being faced by the vulnerable workers. 
"Mr Prime Minister. There's one fitness exercise better than your Yoga! Migrant workers are already doing it. You can start Walking from Kashmir to Kanyakumari (India's geographical extremities) during the 21 days and see the plight you have created in this country!" an Indian Twitter user said.


Tuesday, March 31st 2020

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